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It is the IHC Academy’s Policy that all of its business dealings are carried out in full compliance with applicable anti-trust legislation. The IHC Academy is fully committed to ensuring that employees and instructors, and students of the Academy adhere to this Policy.

Any IHC Academy employee, consultant or student who by his/her conduct and/or business dealings intentionally or negligently breaches the Anti-trust Compliance Policy will be subject to disciplinary action or in the case of students, dismissal from the class. In cases of a serious breach of the Compliance Policy, such behavior will be deemed to constitute gross misconduct and may result in immediate suspension and/or dismissal either from employment with the Academy or, as referred to above, from participating in IHC Academy classes.

Academy students are already under a general obligation to conduct all activities connected with the Academy in accordance with any applicable anti-trust legislation. All Organizations that send students to the academy are to ensure that their employees involved in academy activities are fully informed about the Anti-trust Compliance Policy.
The IHC Academy undertakes to provide both general and specific training in order to ensure that employees, consultants and instructors directly involved in the activities of the Academy are fully informed as to the extent and the implications of the complying with anti-trust policies.

Antitrust laws require that competitors not restrain competition among themselves with reference to the price, quality, or distribution of any products, and that they may not act in concert to restrict the competitive capabilities or opportunities of their competitors, suppliers, or customers.

Students must not discuss, in the course of any meeting or function, any of their company’s individual decisions to, for example, participate (or not to participate) in any plan, program, deal with a vendor, utilize claims programs or business practices, etc.

Participants should avoid this conduct, or even the appearance of it, in their activities at all times.

It is imperative that IHC academy students work conscientiously to avoid any discussion that may have unintended implications.